7 Key questions to ask before adopting a puppy

Are you thinking about having a tenderloin? 🐶


Remember that taking on the responsibility of a furry one will not only change their life, but also yours, so there are several things to consider before making a decision.


First, consider your lifestyle and see if your new partner can adapt to it or if you will be able to adapt to their needs.


Think about the size of the dog and the space you will give it in your home. If by his nature he will have to do a lot of exercise or if on the contrary, he has small paws or difficulty breathing that would prevent him from going out with you to run or follow your bike.


In addition, an important issue that not many people pay attention to is that there are species of dogs that shed more hair than others. If you don’t have much tolerance for walking through life with your clothes and furniture full of your pet’s traces, consider it.


An essential part of any preliminary research is to see if your next puppy belongs to a breed that is predisposed to a certain disease.


If you plan to adopt at a shelter, also look for information about the place. At Clean PawerⓇ we recommend to.
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AnimaNaturalis, an international animal rights organization, as well as other veterinarians have listed a series of questions to ask yourself before taking this important step:


*How much time (and energy) will you have to take care of it?


*Can you have one where you live?


*Can you afford an adoption?


*How old are the members of your family?


*Are you prepared to deal with the problems it may cause?


*Do you know who will take care of him when you are traveling or on vacation?


*Are you prepared to keep and care for an animal for its entire life?


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