7 things you may not have known about your puppies’ 🐾footprints 🐾.

1: The superficial layer that covers them is made of keratin, like nails and hair, which is why they are so resistant…


2: …but if you have touched them, you will know that they are also very soft, due to the fatty tissue that cushions your footsteps to prevent damage to bones and joints.


3: These two characteristics make them able to withstand stepping on hot surfaces (yep, you may not notice it, but when it’s hot the floor is very hot), but not for long either.


4: They are very strong, but not indestructible. If you walk too often on rocky, hot or sandy ground, your protective barrier may break down and cause infections.


5: Not all pads are the same, it all depends on where your furry one frequently walks. If he is indoors most of the time or walks on grass, his paws will be softer, but if he is frequently out on the asphalt or has lived on the street for a long time, they will be rougher.


6: Check them continuously. Maybe you tend to forget them, but they are an important part of your tenderloin. The fur between their toes should be trimmed, as it may bother them, making it easier to clean and inspect.


7: It’s not your imagination, they do smell like cheese fries because they have a lot of sweat glands there, a perfect place where bacteria live and cause that particular smell.


Although it is normal, if you think the odor is very unpleasant, you can use Clean Pawer® wipes that eliminate odors and also keep them moisturized and healthy.


SOURCE: “5 fun facts you didn’t know about your dogs’ pads – and what you should do to take better care of them” Business Insider.