Is it a good idea to share food with your dog?

We are eating peacefully and suddenly, the
puppy eyes
puppy eyes: that gesture our puppies make when they arch their eyebrows and few of us can resist giving them some of our food, but could we damage their health by doing so?


Although it is very common in some homes for pets to eat some leftovers or share “human” food with them, there are foods that can make them seriously ill, such as those mentioned below:




Even though the image of a puppy with a bone is quite normal, they are one of the things that can hurt them the most, since they can choke on them or break in their digestive system and cause infections or bleeding.




It is important to keep your cup of coffee, tea, soda or energy drink away from your furry friend. Some of the symptoms you may show if you took it by mistake are hyperactive behavior (as well as you), panting and trembling.




Even if you don’t give some of these condiments directly, it is very likely that they are present in some other prepared food. So be very careful! because they contain a chemical substance that when decomposed damages their red blood cells, which can cause them to die ūüôĀ




They are very healthy for us, but this fruit can cause kidney failure in dogs.




You have probably never heard this word before, but this kind of sugar is present in many everyday products, such as mouthwash, toothpaste, chewing gum or even some yogurt.


In puppies it can cause their insulin to spike and their blood sugar level to drop to dangerous levels, leading to liver damage and seizures.




This tasty dessert, which can make humans feel very good, is very bad for dogs, as it could make them seriously ill with vomiting and convulsions.




Needless to say, sharing a drink with your dog is not recommended under any circumstances. Even in small amounts it is dangerous, it can take away their energy, confuse them and cause them to vomit (also like you).


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