The most active breeds (and the not so active 😅).

One of the main things to take into account before deciding to get a puppy is our lifestyle: do we work all day, are we away from home a lot, do we have time to take it for walks?


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There are furry dogs that by their nature need more space and physical activity, these are some of the most active breeds:




They are well known for being very fast and intelligent. Did you know that in the 19th century they accompanied horse-drawn fire trucks to clear the way for them? That’s how active they are!




One of the most resistant tenderloins available and the best companion for long walks in cold climates.




The energetic dog par excellence. If you are a sportsman, have children or a lot of space at home, a Labrador will be your best friend, as they are also very obedient.




Although they are not as big as the previous ones, Beagles love to play and need daily physical activity to be at 100%.




Small Poodles of all sizes are a very intelligent breed and enjoy walking, running and even swimming!




If, on the other hand, you’re someone for whom the best plan is to snuggle with your puppy on the couch, these are some of the more laid-back breeds:




Although they are demanding and you have to invest a lot of time in their training, they are not so demanding to ask for hours of walking.



No one would be offended if we said that it shows on their face. And although they are very sociable, tolerant and swallowing, they do not have the same motivation to train.




Like a Pug, you are more likely to hear them snoring than you are to hear them barking.




Don’t let their large size and their past as a cattle herder in the Swiss Alps fool you, they are big fans of relaxation 🙂


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